Firefox 97.0 has launched, and of course, it comes with a few tweaks, as might be expected. In the update you’ll find the retired colorway theme, new scrollbars, and more.

This guide will walk you through what’s new, changed, and fixed in the new browser, including:

Mozilla launches Firefox 97 update

Mozilla has launched the Firefox 97 update, which is available for download from 8 February 2022 on the Mozilla website.

This is the latest version of Firefox, the free, open-source web browser that works on many devices. The browser is available for the Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Firefox 97 is a minor upgrade – it doesn’t come with many major changes, although there are a few worth noting, all aimed at improving the browser.

Mozilla Firefox 97 is free to download on a number of devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android devices. If you’re a Windows or macOS user, you can upgrade to Firefox 97 either directly in the app or at the Microsoft Store.

And if you’re a Linux user, you can download the browser from the Firefox website. If you’re not in a rush to get the latest version, you can wait for an official package on your usual software update mechanism.

What’s new, changed, and improved in Firefox 97.0

So, what can you expect to find in the Firefox 97 update?

No More Colorway Themes

The first most noticeable change is that Firefox has discontinued the Colorway theme, which was added in Firefox 94.

If you remember, Mozilla gave you the option to choose a seasonal color palette for your browser through Colorway themes, which let you personalize your browser in the color scheme of your choice.

The themes will automatically expire when you install Firefox 97 on your device. But not to worry—you have the option of having your favorite theme out of 18 themes, by simply enabling it when the feature is gone.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to switch to any other themes, but at least you get to keep one. Alternatively, you can set your preferred colorway theme to be active when you install Firefox 97 so that it automatically has it unless you change it.

You can also choose from six new limited-time colorway themes in the “Themes” section of the About: addon.

New scrollbar style on Windows 11 devices

The other notable change is that Firefox now supports the new style of scrollbars on Windows 11.

The new style makes the browser look a bit better than before with the rest of Microsoft’s operating system, giving Windows 11 a more consistent look and feel. This could make for a more seamless experience on Windows 11.

other changes

If you are a Linux user, you will find that you no longer have support for PostScript printing, although you will still have the option of using a PostScript printer.

And if you’re a macOS user (running macOS 11 or later), you may notice the ability to open new tabs faster in certain situations and switch, thanks to improvements to system font loading.

Mozilla has also released a number of other minor changes and fixes for Firefox 97 in addition to those mentioned in this article.

Firefox 97 is a minor update, not an overhaul

As you can probably tell by now, Firefox 97 is a fairly minor update, with some notable changes, and some minor ones.

It’s no surprise though—Mozilla is known for updating its Firefox browser in increments, which preserves the integrity of the browser.

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