Teslas are full of funky Easter eggs, and Romance Mode is one of the best. If you thought Tesla’s interiors were cold and uninviting, think again! Romance mode heats things up with a virtual fireplace on the main infotainment screen, with a believable crackling sound effect playing through the car’s speakers.

What is Tesla’s romance mode?

Tesla’s Romance Mode is a fun Easter Egg that comes standard on all Tesla models. The Romance mode has been included in the Toybox section of the infotainment screen. Romance mode displays a crackling fireplace on the infotainment screen along with sound effects, creating a warm ambiance for you and your passengers. It literally turns up the heat in your Tesla and can play music from a romantic playlist.

Romance Mode is one of Tesla’s coolest winter features. It’s not exactly revolutionary in terms of technological innovation, but it’ll certainly help set the mood for a date or maybe even get a few people laughing (after all, this feature is a bit cheesy.)

How to Enable Tesla’s Romance Mode

Once complete, the fireplace appears on your infotainment screen, and you can enjoy the mood.

After a few moments, a romantic playlist created by Tesla automatically starts playing. If you’re impatient, tap the infotainment touchscreen once, and you’ll hear a smooth tune from Marvin Gaye or maybe something more modern by The Weeknd.

To skip to the next song, press the left scroll button on the steering wheel to the right. Unfortunately, you cannot select a specific song. If you want to mute the music, press the left scroll button.

You can also adjust the cabin temperature from the Tesla app (as the main screen shows a virtual fireplace without climate controls), or use voice commands if the interior is a bit too warm for your tastes.

Tesla loves its Easter eggs

Romance Mode is just one of many Easter eggs you’ll find in Tesla’s vehicles, which reference everything from Monty Python to Back to the Future. One of the coolest Easter eggs is Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, which appears on your infotainment screen after you press the gear stalk four times when autosteer is engaged.

Clearly, Tesla knows how to make its interiors a luxurious place with great tech features. The great thing about romance mode is that you can take it seriously and be totally old-school romantic, but if your significant other enjoys a good laugh you can do it with a hint of sarcasm. can also be used. This will help you break the ice either way.

Tesla makes some of the best electric vehicles on the road, and the brand is equally famous for models that haven’t even hit the market yet. Everything from the Tesla Semi to the Cybertruck has captured the public’s imagination.

Everyone’s seen the radical exterior styling of the Tesla Roadster and the falcon doors on the Model X, but Tesla also builds amazing interiors with great technology. It’s surprising how much cool technology Tesla can stuff inside its vehicles.

1. Ultra White Vegan Leather Interior

Many American vehicles of the 1970s, especially the muscle cars of that era, had beautiful white interiors. Everything from the seats to the door panels was decked out in the luxurious white material.

Lately, vehicle interiors have become more and more clinical. It’s hard to get into a modern car and get lost in a sea of black, boring plastic trim. Not so in the case of the Tesla interior.

Sure, Tesla’s interior colors are boring, like the awful dull black interior on the Model S. But Tesla has a secret weapon when it comes to its internals. It’s called Ultra White, and it makes any Tesla interior a better place to spend time.

Not only that, but the white vegan leather opens up the interior, giving it a free, airy feel. It’s a must-have option for any Tesla interior, mainly because the futuristic look complements the brand’s aesthetic perfectly.

The interior of the Model X plaid in Ultra White is very beautiful, especially in the 6-seater configuration. The bucket seats look like they came straight off a spaceship, and the second row seats look like they’re floating.

You can rest easy knowing that no animals were killed to line the seats of your Tesla, which is a great thing now that many EV manufacturers are making efforts for green interiors.

2. Tesla Model 3’s Hidden HVAC Vents

Tesla is known for its minimalist interiors, and the Model 3 is no exception to this philosophy. One thing you’ll immediately notice when you sit inside the Model 3 is the lack of traditional HVAC vents.

Sure, there’s a giant bar that crosses the entire dash, but there are no tiny vents with traditional controls. At first glance this may seem like a minor omission, but Tesla has actually highly engineered its climate control vents.

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